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You'll receive INSTANT NOTIFICATIONS via SMS text messages as well as an

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geomagnetic storms and more.

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We've been doing this for more than 15 years, delivering more than 1 million

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Spaceweather Alerts are great for

  • Nature photographers who wish to capture the Northern Lights

  • Ham radio operators and emergency service providers who want the
    latest information on radio propagation conditions

  • Pilots and air traffic controllers who need a situational awareness of
    aviation radiation

  • Anyone with an interest in space weather effects on health

Space Weather Alerts work with SMS texting and are available anywhere in the world. We send an email message as well with additional information for each alert.


Alerts include:

  • Coronal Mass Ejections (CME)

  • Geomagnetic Storms Predicted (class G1-G4)

  • Planetary K-index (K5-K9, K4 for Pro Plan)

  • Solar Flare alerts (X-Ray Flux levels and Scales)

  • Solar wind speed alerts (500, 600, 700 and over 800 km/s)

  •  B Sub Z South-pointing episodes. Cracks in Earth's magnetic field. For Pro Plan subscribers.

  • Custom alerts for Pro Plan subscribers. 

Control Your Alerts!

With our customer Control Panel. You can select what alerts to receive. What levels of alerts where there are many. Whether to receive Email or SMS and more. Once you have signed up, check out our Control Panel at:


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Our BASIC ALERT package includes:

  • M- and X-class solar flares

  • CME impacts

  • Solar wind speed alerts

  • 48-hour geomagnetic storm predictions

  • Ongoing geomagnetic storms

  • The ability to request personalized alert modifications

Our PRO ALERT package includes all alerts in the BASIC plan PLUS extra alerts proprietary to

  • Cracks opening in Earth's magnetic field

  • South-pointing B sub Z episodes

  • Custom alerts directly from Dr. Tony Phillips, webmaster of