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Terms of Use


Spaceweather Alerts uses Paywhirl to manage its subscription policies. Please visit Paywhirl's Privacy Policy for a detailed explanation of how Paywhirl, a corporation organized and existing under the laws of the State of California, collects, uses, discloses and protects Users' Personal Data. Paywhirl's Privacy Policy explains which information it collects, uses and processes, and what options its Users have with regard to their Personal Data. 

In addition, this website uses Braintree (a service of Paypal) as a virtual merchant to process payments for Spaceweather Alerts services. See Braintree's Privacy Policy for full details. Braintree's Privacy Policy to explain how it may collect, process, share, store, and transfer your Personal Data that you provide when you pay for Spaceweather Alert services. All collection, use, and disclosure of your business and Personal Data will be governed under Braintree's Privacy Policy. 




Log in to the Customer Portal at Click on the "Subscriptions" menu item, then click the "+" symbol next to the subscription item you wish to cancel. An option to cancel will be visible, press this to cancel your subscription.

When you cancel a subscription with us, you will continue to receive your subscription benefits until the end of the current billing period. 


If you have any difficulties cancelling your subscription or need to contact us for any other reason, please email us at:

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